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If you are a retailer, craftsman, small entrepreneur, then the idea to sell online your products is just a necessary step to grow your business and an important part of your future business strategy. Every business owner finds out very soon that the stone shop has a limited shopping audience, but online store opens new & reach possibilities to get new potential buyers with different needs and priorities. Online stores open for you possibilities to expand on the new markets and achieve new returning customers. Selling online expands your reach globally which helps them to make more profits than usual.

There are numerous ways of selling online apart from starting an online website; retailers can even sell their products through a Marketplace. If you create your own e-commerce website, you can get full control, large profits, higher scalability but it can become costly for you as setting and promoting a niche brand requires high investments.

But if you choose Marketplace, you could sell your products online with certain control but will be able to leverage the global reach and services of a Marketplace. Customers often prefer buying products from Marketplaces because of the wide variety of products and the ease of all-in-one shopping. Apart from this, selling products on Marketplace could offer you much more.

If you open your store with eBonza you achieve advantages like:

1. Very low /or zero/ start-up costs:
No subscription fees /You will save monthly fees for e-shop subscription, or You do not need to pay one-time high fees for shop development and additional updates which will be needed soon if you want to go step by step with innovations and news in the e-commerce sector/. With eBonza you can choose from various plans which can fit your needs. You can choose a plan without a monthly subscription and pay only commission when the item is sold. 
• You will save partial costs on promotions because modern advanced SEO features in eBonza Ministore help you to get visibility for search engines and you can easily share your products from eBonza platforms in different social groups.
• You will save on the necessary updates and payment gateway implementation /that money you can invest into promotion which could lead to additional profit/.
• Especially, you will save time for e-shop developing /which is starting from few weeks up to few months/.  You can open your Store with eBonza Marketplace today and start to sell immediately. Isn’t it easy? 
• The price of e-shop developing depend on the range of functionalities /which are always limited/ and regular periodic fees will depend on which modules you add in the e-shop.

2. Your eBonza Store has modern design and great up to date functionalities and easy administration. Your standalone store is full of functionalities:

• eBay and Amazon synchronization
• Etsy and Shopify connector 
• up to date SEO features
• reports and statistics 
• Stripe payment gateway 
• direct payment from buyers to your own STRIPE ACCOUNT 
• micro store with design editor
• mobile application 
• store, warehouse and pickup point directory
• loyalty and affiliate program
• vendor to customer communication
• promotions 
• reward points system
• and many more functionalities built-in every standalone vendor’s ministore.

3. Easy and fast registration. There are only few easy steps to open your online store with eBonza, which take few minutes:
Register as Vendor and create your online Store – fill all necessary information about your company, upload the company logo, Terms & conditions, Return or Shipping policies /if they differ from eBonza conditions/.
• Create & Connect your Stripe account to receive direct payment from your customers. 
• Upload your products /XML feed, Etsy, Amazon, eBay, Shopify connection, manually/. Product detail page is modern and provide buyer easy & fast shopping experiences.
• Decide countries where do you want to sell and setup shipping costs. You can sell Worldwide, to the European Union etc.. You can easily specify different shipping costs for different countries. We recommend to use Worldwide setting to gain wide buyer audience.
• And now you are ready to show your new Store to your potential buyer via Social networks & Start to sell. We recommend to share new products, special discounted items or new information about your store through your social accounts on a regular basis!
Is it EASY? Yes! Your store could be ready within 1 day!

4. Increase-trust-level
It usually happens that the users buy the same product as of yours from the Marketplace due to lack of trust. Once your product reaches to Marketplace, it will get more exposure and this will definitely motivate the users to go for instant purchase. It’s also beneficial in getting high sales and revenues too.

5. You can easily start to sell Internationally /not only on domestic market/
Sellers can access millions of potential customers globally without making any advance investments. This would definitely boost up your cross border sales and overall business growth.

6. Marketplace will boost your brand or product 
If you are new on the market, the customers are unaware about your brand or products, therefore, you surely need recognition in the market. Marketplace helps you to boost up your brand and visibility by listing all your products .

If your start on eBonza Marketplace we recommend:
1. Fill all necessary information about the products like description, dimensions, specify colours in the features that buyers could easily filter the products. 
2. Update your contact information, company information in your account on regular basis.
3. Upload clear and professional product photos. Only photos are selling. Buyers can not touch your product. Watch your backgrounds. A plain white background is best for most of your product shots. Get your lighting right. Shoot multiple angles and details. Choose the required quality up to max. 500 KB /or max. 1 Mb/. Don't zoom in. Forget taking a selfie. Clean your lens. Turn the flash off.
4. Try to add some blog about your company and products for eBonza users.
5. At the initial level, try to provide some discounts and offers to attract more customers towards your product or brand.
6. Share your store and products on regular basis between your social audience.
7. Keep a check on the customer reviews about your product and try to appreciate them or address their concerns. This strategy helps in making loyal customers.
8. Remain aware about latest trends and technical advancements of selling online.

If you are ready to sell online, don’t waste your time, check our free subscription plans and register today! We will be happy to invite you on the board!

eBonza Team


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