Seller's protection rules

eBonza Seller’s Protection Rules can be used for sellers as our advice to protect their business and their selling practices. 

We will explain the steps you must take to be protected against possible disputes with your buyers.



Please follow the steps to make sure your orders are handled properly:

1. After receiving the order and information email from us that the order has been placed, act promptly and confirm to the customer that order is under process /go to your account →Sales →choose the relevant order and click under Action icon View order → there you can write the comment to the order. Mark the status of the order /Processed, Shipped or Delivered/ and always press Notify customer, that buyer will get up to date information from you about the status of the order. You will avoid additional requests from the buyer side.
2. If entering into an agreement with a purchaser, the seller is obligated to proceed in accordance with the legal regulations of the Czech Republic, or with the legal regulations of the state in which the seller’s registered office is located, or in which the purchaser is located (if the purchaser is a consumer and such legislation is more favourable for the consumer). Primarily, the seller has an obligation to provide the purchaser with the necessary information prior to entering into the agreement, and, after entering into the agreement with the purchaser, to hand over the goods or to provide the services having the quality that the seller and the purchaser have agreed upon. Unless agreed otherwise between the seller and the purchaser, the seller dispatches the goods within 3 business days or commences the provision of services within such deadline.
3. Ship your order according to the processing time or ship-by date you listed or as agreed upon through your communication with the buyer.
4. Ship the order to the address provided by the buyer through our system. If your buyer provides an alternate shipping address through a message, be mindful of fraud or scams. You may choose to cancel and refund the order and ask the buyer to purchase the item again with the corrected shipping address in the order details during the ordering process.
5. Issue the invoice for the item for the buyer and send it with the goods in the parcel /or via post, or if you communicate with the buyer via message, or separate email as an attachment under text field together with your Terms & Conditions valid during the ordering process etc./. The invoice must be issued with information about the item price, shipping or delivery costs, discounts or tax if applicable in reliance on the financial and tax law valid in the relevant country of the seller. 
Note: eBonza does not issue the invoice for the purchased items. eBonza is not selling the items. The seller is responsible for purchase order fulfilment including issuing the bill, receipt or tax invoice.
Please read our Terms & Conditions for the seller, General Terms & Conditions, Complaint rules and other necessary documents before and after the registration process to be up to date and follow the rules.
6.  The price of the product listed on the web interface must be the final price the customer pays for the goods, that means the price must include all fees, taxes, etc.. The price in your store must be the final price for the customer without any hidden fees. Only shipping costs are additionally calculated upon final order confirmation and adding destination during the checkout process where the buyer wants to ship the goods.
7. Mark the order as shipped after you sent it out and Notify customer about this step through your account on eBonza.
8. Provide valid proof of shipping to the buyer. Valid proof can include a shipping or tracking number that shows the order route and delivery progress. You can add this information to the Comment field in the order status and press Notify customer. We highly recommend doing this to avoid questions from a customer. The customer can track the parcel and see the status of delivery.
9. When you receive proof about the product delivery from your shipping company that the parcel has been delivered to your buyer, do not forget to mark the order as delivered /go to your Account, find the relevant order, go to Action → View order and change the status of the order as DELIVERED → press Notify customer. The buyer will get information that the order has been delivered and from this date, the buyer has 14 days to return the goods to you /for more information please read our Complaint Rules. 
Note: Without the confirmation in your account that the order has been delivered, you can not get the payment from payment gateway for the transaction.



with positive reviews of your products by keeping the following rules:

1. Keep your shop in good standing, that means you're not violating any of eBonza Terms & Conditions: General Terms & Conditions, Terms & Conditions for Sellers, Complaint Rules, Lemon Way Payment gateway framework agreement or Principles of personal data protection.
2. Fill out all of your Shop Policies (it's especially important to have policies for returns and goods exchange, Principles for personal data protection etc...). This should go without saying, but your Shop Policies have to comply with eBonza‘s policies, as well as your local laws.
3. If the shop is not visible on eBonza/Basic plan – the shop is not visible on the web interface, but created in the system for future potential subscription plan upgrade/, it is necessary to upload the policies or valid conditions together with each product. 
4. Use accurate photographs and descriptions when you list items. Nobody likes buying one thing and receiving something else!
5. Include reasonable and accurate processing times or ship-by dates and mark shipping company.
6. Issue the invoice for the order /in the total amount paid by the customer with transport and valid tax calculation/ and send all necessary documents like an invoice and Terms & Conditions to the buyer via email, post, message or in the parcel immediately with product shipping.
7. Cooperate with investigations conducted by eBonza concerning any disputes. Promptly provide any information requested by us to solve the disputes as soon as possible and make your customers happy.
8. Please cancel and refund any transactions deemed invalid or unauthorised by eBonza.
9. Try to answer all the questions or messages from potential buyer concerning products, delivery, complaints, refunds etc... promptly or in a reasonable time.

10. Try to understand your customer and do everything for them, that they will be happy to return back to you more often with positive reviews. Product returns are not a problem, only negative reviews can destroy your business.

We try to help you IF

If you adhere to above-mentioned bits of advice, we will try to help you resolve Non-Delivery cases, Not as Described cases, Chargebacks /please read the Payment gateway framework agreement and fees concerning chargebacks/. We may have to request additional information from you. For Non-Delivery or Not as Described cases, we'll need you to respond to our inquiries within 48 hours or the time frame noted by us. If a chargeback is filed against you, we'll need you to respond to any inquiries from eBonza as soon as possible, and no later than 2 calendar days /48 hours/. If you don't give us the necessary information in time, we may not be able to help resolve the dispute. Please keep in mind that we can't guarantee a resolution in your favour.
Please take into consideration, that your customer has also other possibilities for how to try to solve the disputes through Online dispute resolution platform
Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) means settling a complaint out of court with the assistance of an impartial dispute resolution body. Resolving consumer disputes this way is easier, faster and less expensive than going to court.

If your dispute relates to an online purchase, the online dispute resolution (ODR) platform allows buyers to submit a complaint online to an ADR body in any language and in any EU country. Usually, the process happens entirely online, takes about 90 days following the choice of ADR body, and is provided for free or for a nominal charge.