How to open a shop?

How to open a shop?

1. Review our Terms & Conditions for Sellers, General Terms & Conditions, Principles of Personal Data Protection, Complaint rules, Lemon Way Payment Gateway Framework Contract.

2. Click on the link at the top of the website Sell with eBonza, where you will find the appropriate registration link as a Seller and basic information about registration plans. 

3. Register and create your eBonza seller‘s account and Lemon Way Merchant Account on which you will receive the payments from buyers.
To complete your registration you will need to fill the registration form on our website with the information about your business or natural person (like company name, registration number /or another number relevant for your company/, tax number /if you have/, contact details etc..), fill IBAN number, bank details and upload the documents required by KYC process to create the Merchant account to receive and withdraw the payments from buyers. The process is easy and all documents are sent in electronic form (through safe API) through your eBonza account. The KYC documents depend on the type of your business (company, natural person, artisan, handicraftsmen etc...). Which documents you need to upload, form and quality of the documents for account opening you can find here.
Note: Recorded documents under the KYC process for Lemon Way are kept by Lemon Way and further processed by Lemon Way. eBonza s.r.o., the operator of this web interface, does not store these documents in its system, store them or otherwise process them. You can find more information about protecting your privacy here.

4. Choose your Subscription plan
After the successful registration process /you will receive the information email from us/, sing into your account, go to your Account dashboard and choose a subscription plan, which the best suits your business. Please find the information & comparison of subscription plans here

5. Create a shop and upload the products
Decide on the shop name and create your Terms & Conditions, Privacy policy or Return policy.
Choose the correct category, add the product photos, description, product filters and decide to which countries you want to ship. If done, you are ready to sell.

6. Manage your shop and orders
Boost sales and visibility of your products with our Premium servicesBanner promotions or Advertiser banners.
Get the order and communicate with the buyer. 
Provide the best customer service to get positive reviews from buyers. 
Check our Seller’s Protection Rules to be safe and handle your orders professionally.

7. How do I receive a payment from a buyer?
The buyer can pay for the order by various payment cards via the Lemon Way payment gateway.
The condition for receiving the payment from the buyer is the delivery of the goods and the end of the 14-day period during which the customer can return the goods.
Confirm in your account with the relevant order that the goods were delivered to the customer and after 14 days from the day when you confirmed the delivery of the goods to the customer, the system will automatically conclude the order and credit the amount to your e-wallet. The value of the order will then be reduced by the commission and transaction fees in accordance with the purchased registration plan.
You can see your current account status in your Lemon Way e-Wallet account.
You can redeem your money at any time to your corporate or private account (the IBAN you provided when you sign up for your account).

8. Receive your money
Deliver your product, mark the order in the account as delivered and withdraw your money after completion of the order in your account.

So, what are you waiting for?

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