Cookie files

Cookie files

What are cookies?

Cookies are text files stored in a computer or other electronic device of each visitor of the web interface that enable the functioning of the web interface.
Not all cookies collect personal data; some merely enable the correct functioning of the web interface. You can reject the use of cookie files by making a selection in the relevant settings in the internet browser.
Please note that if you reject the use of cookie files, it is not ruled out that you will not be able to fully utilize all of the functions of the web interface.

What kinds of cookies and for what purposes does the web interface utilize?

The web interface uses relational (temporary) cookies, which are automatically deleted after the browsing of the web interface is ended. Further, it utilizes permanent cookies, which remain in your device until you delete them.

The cookies that the web interface utilizes are the following:

-  first party cookies– these cookies are assigned to our website’s domain; they are essential cookies and performance cookies and can be temporary or permanent;
o   essential cookies – they enable navigation within the web interface and the utilization of basic functions; they do not identify you in any way and do not pertain to personal data;
o   performance cookies – they serve for the analysis of the manner of utilization of the web interface (number of visits, time spent on the web interface, etc.); data obtained by these cookies are anonymous;

- third-party cookies – these cookies are assigned to another domain than our website’s domain, even if you are on our website; these cookies enable us to analyze our website and to display custom advertising for you; they are functional cookies and targeted and advertising cookies;
o   functional cookies – they serve for the personalization of the content by remembering log-in data, geo-location, etc.; the obtaining and processing of personal can occur through these;
o   targeted and advertising cookies – they serve for the displaying of targeted advertising on the web interface as well as outside of it; the obtaining and processing of personal can occur through these. Information on how you utilize our website can be further shared by us with our partners in the field of social networks, advertising and analyses.

Utilized Google company services

The web interface uses the Google Analytics service and possibly also other services provided by the company Google, Inc (hereinafter "Google”). These services work with information obtained through cookie files. 
If you are interested in learning about how Google utilizes the data that it obtains from us, and how to modify or forbid processing, you will find such information by clicking on the following link: How Google utilizes data when you use the websites or applications of our partners:

How do I cancel cookies and what are the consequences?

Disabling eBonza-provided cookies will result in the following site features not being supported:
View recently viewed products
View selected personalized recommendations
Save products in the cart when you close the browser

Below are step-by-step instructions for removing cookies from your most popular web browsers:

Mozilla Firefox     
Microsoft Internet Explorer   
Google Chrome